The Problems Higher Education Student Face During Their Learning Years


The Problems Higher Education Student Face During Their Learning Years

The Problems Higher Education Student Face During Their Learning Years

Education is a privilege for whoever receives it, however, the pathway to success is paved with considerable challenges and hurdles that one must overcome in order to achieve something of great value. That is why in this post we would like to share with you some of the common problems which many higher education students face during their tenure at a reputable university. So without any further a due let us take a look at some these troubles which can inflict a student’s behavior and performance while they are in pursuit of a professional qualification.

Separation from Loved Ones

There are many instances where we find students traveling to faraway places to pursue higher education from a renowned and established institution which is revered for its quality and standards of experience it offers to the young and aspiring minds. This puts them in a predicament where they have to leave their family, friends, relatives, and loved ones behind. They enter into a completely new and strange environment by moving to a foreign land. Over there they face considerable challenges which include getting used to their new surroundings, meeting strangers who they would familiarize with at a gradual pace the more they interact with them and a completely new of set of ethos as well as cultural diversity which they must get acquainted with or else they might become socially outcast. Nobody wants to live in isolation so students must learn to adapt themselves however it is much easier said than done. When it comes to the actual experience of going through this huge change, the set of difficulties they face varies from one individual to another. Nevertheless, it is a hurdle which they must overcome one way or the other.

Financial Troubles

There is no doubt that students during higher education do not have the means to support a luxurious lifestyle or follow their impulses. This due to the fact that many of them face considerable financial constraints which is because their budgets are limited and this doesn’t allow them to spend their money at times on things that are a necessity for them even. The majority of their savings goes into paying for the tuition fees of the college or university they are studying at. The rest of the amount which they have left is not enough to pay for their living expenses. Which is why we find many students opting for part-time jobs and working shifts or running errands for others just to make some extra cash to support their cost of living and other expenses. These expenses generally include rent of the place they are staying at, utility bills (for gas, electricity, and water), traveling cost, clothing items, food & ration expenses, as well as cellular service packages. All of this adds up to form a substantial amount of money which they cannot simply afford on their own. This forces them to work while learning. However, this increases a considerable amount of pressure on them since their mind is divided into two places and cause significant stress for many students who face such concerns.

Mental Health Issues

Over the past decade reports and research by well-known organizations concerning education and the wellbeing of students have discovered alarming findings where it has been testified that many students often face substantial troubles concerning mental health. Over the years it has been observed that this situation has worsened and drastic measures have been taken by many NGOs and well-fare organizations to combat such issues. Students are offered professional and expert help from experienced doctors and pathologists to help them overcome such concerns. A more personalized form of treatment is also being made available to pupils so that they can address their own particular symptoms in a more direct and beneficial manner. Mental health troubles can be quite damaging if not offered immediate relief and support. These problems can develop into serious difficulties for students if not catered to on an immediate basis. Some of the case studies conducted by these established and well-known organizations have also found that the suicide rates and attempts by students have also risen in recent years which is quite upsetting, to say the least. Nevertheless, student unions and well-fare communities have been set up to address this dire situation at hand. Consistent and continuous efforts are being made to combat the situation at the present. Hopefully, in the future and coming years, students will be offered a more developed system to overcome such troubles.

Deteriorating Physical Health

On the other hand, it has also been observed that many students nowadays also face substantial health-related problems with the likes of obesity, heart diseases, irregular blood pressures, insomnia, and other various others. This is due to the fact that students don’t follow a healthy diet pattern during their higher education years. This unhealthy diet which they usually have includes sugary items, junk edibles, fast food, processed meat, and various other inorganic substances. Additionally, it is also shown by various reports and investigations that the majority of the students also avoid physical exertion in the form of exercise or active participation in sporting activities. This makes their bodies weak with time. The ideal comeback to this disturbing state of affairs is to make sure that students keep an eye on their diet. They consume organic food that includes healthy doses of Vitamin B and Iron which will rejuvenate their digestive system and allow them to retain their energy levels throughout the day. Furthermore, they should also adopt a healthy lifestyle where they participate in sporting activities or have some sort of physical exertion in the form of daily exercise which will enable their bodies to detoxify and make their overall performance better with time.

Language Barriers

This is one of the most common problems which many foreign students often come across. Take the example of the UK and you will find that in recent years many students from abroad have moved into the land to pursue higher levels of qualification due to its resounding quality of education. However, these foreign students often face language barriers since English is their second language which is why they don’t have the required amount of fluency to write. This creates considerable troubles for them since many times students are required to deliver a lengthy piece of written work at the academia as per the request of their teachers and professors. However, their incapacity of writing lengthy and affluent forms of work makes it much harder for them to gratify the anticipations and expectations of their course mentors and instructors. Written work carries the substantial potential for a student to achieve a desired grade or result for their opted courses and subjects. If they do not perform well on their written task, chances are that they might even fail their course and this is absolutely not what any young and learning mind would aspire for.

Substance Abuse

There are some cases which involve students falling into bad habits. One of the primary areas of concern regarding this apprehension heavily revolves around students falling victims to various different types of substance abuse which includes consumption of heavy amounts of alcohol, drugs, and other stimulants. The practice usually begins as a sort of peer pressure at times, at first, the behavior is displayed only for recreational purposes. However, things soon get out of control and the students are found to become addicts in a short amount of time if no corrective measure is taken to prevent such behavior from occurring. Gradually the students start to exhibit full blown behavior where they clearly show signs of substance abuse. Their performance levels drop down considerably and if still no measures or actions are taken to thwart such code of conduct then students might fall victim to dependencies on the said substance which can cause long term problems that can persist throughout the rest of their lives, damaging them even further.

Not Asking For Help

Lastly, there is one concern which is quite relevant considering the fact we have discussed some of the problems as mentioned above which students face during their learning years. However, it all comes down to the point where the student feels too shy or ashamed of themselves to discuss their problems with a grown-up, mature adult, or a professional to seek their guidance. If they don’t ask for help from the right figures of authority that can assist them to overcome such troubles then they would suffer even more and this cycle of torment will continue to the point where the losses cannot be recovered. That is why we strongly urge everyone reading this post to always ask for help when you need it no matter what happens. There are systems and responsible authorities at play that can help you get out of a tricky situation. So inform your elders, teachers, or other figures of authority whenever you face difficulty. It is the best solution for you.

We hope this post was able to offer you some learning regarding the issues and troubles faced by students during their higher education learning years. However, if you are a student who is in dire need of assistance for their written task, then perhaps it would be best that you seek out reliable online assignment help UK from professionals. Their expertise will guide to deliver high quality of work on time at affordable charges.