Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

With over several years of experience that expands well over a decade, Speedy Assignments has positioned itself as one of the best providers of professional writing assistance for students all across the UK. In order to make sure our quality of services offer our customers unprecedented conveniences, our entire team abides by strict working principles and a code of conduct diligently. We like to keep our services as smooth and frictionless as possible by offering professionalism throughout our interactions with you.
In order to make sure that our team is able to offer you the best of services without any confusions or misunderstandings, we request you to kindly go through the terms and conditions for our services thoroughly, since they serve as the basis of our involvement with your work:

Copyrights and Trademarks Protection

Everything displayed on our website including images, written content, animations, graphics, as well as programming, software, web design and web development tools used are protected by copyright and trademark laws. If someone is found to be using the content of our website for any other purposes that are not affiliated with our services, is indeed punishable by law.

Methods of Contact

Speedy Assignments maintains swift communication channels with its customers to keep them updated regarding their work and other discount offers available to them. We may contact them through call, email or SMS.

Options for Payments

Customers can directly deposit their payments to our bank account through wire transfer or utilize PayPal services to clear their dues. It is important to note that all payments need to be cleared at the time of placing your order with us. Delay in payment can lead to delays in the completion of your order. Our bank account and all other payment-related details can be easily conveyed to you through our customer representatives.

Confidentiality Policy

We are adherent to the clauses of Companies Act and Data Protection Act that mandates us to keep a strict policy regarding the privacy of information for our clients. Hence we abide by the laws and never disclose your information to anyone. However, if the situation arises where the governing jurisdiction of UK orders us to reveal information only then we will comply to their requests.

Liability of Services

It is hereby declared that in the scenario where any loss or damage occurs due to the use or misuse of our services then Speed Assignments will not be held responsible for them.

Privacy of User Accounts

It is highly important to understand that each client must take the sole responsibility of protecting their user accounts from being used by other people. Speed Assignments offer you a designated user account when you sign up for our services along with credentials including username and password. It is mandatory for users to keep these credentials and the use of their account private and limit their accounts accessibility to others by changing the passwords as soon as they receive their account from us.

Website Alteration Policy

Speedy Assignments withholds all the right to modify, change, and alter parts of the website and its governing policies at any time without prior notifications to the customers. Hence it is extremely important that you go through our policies every time you place an order with us.