Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our governing privacy policy mandates the use of information collected from our customers and the data we obtain from them. Our privacy policy is expected to change with the passage of time, nevertheless, you can always go through the updated version that would be available for you on our website in real time.

Assimilation of Information

All personal data and information are solely collected for the purpose of offering you our services and it is required by us so we can offer you personalized facilities, this may include your username and email address.

Concealment of Information

We are amongst the most reputable service providers online and take great pride in offering you legit facilities that ensure the secrecy of your private and personal information at all times. We never share your information with anyone.

Website Visitors & Their Information

Whenever an individual visits or lands on our website, we make sure to check their IP address in order to figure out their location so as to be able to offer them tailor-made and customized services.

Usage of Information

All information collected by us is only utilized to disburse our offered services towards our customers. Information is used only to promote our services and to communicate with our clients.

Personal Information Access

Our customers can easily gain access regarding their information collected by Speedy Assignments. All you simply have to do is send an email to our legal affairs department mentioning your request in the subject. Our representatives will question you for identity confirmation and once you provide the correct details, we will offer your complete and unabridged personal information.

Relay of Information Regarding Products & Services

We vigorously maintain proper communication channels to offer you details regarding our offered product and services as well as our promotional discounts. Customers can be contacted by us through SMS on their phone or by email.